Four millennia of beauty. Merit's Casket

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Made of sycamore wood and decorated with lotus flowers, the work reproduces the beauty chest of Merit, the wife of Kha, chief architect under Amenofis III. The choice of lotus flower was not a random one. Closing at night before reopening at sunrise, the plant has always been a symbol of rebirth. A genuine chest from the depths of time, hand decorated internally, for storing everything that is valuable to you.

The chest has been created by Tuscan master craftsmen and is a faithful copy in form and decoration of the original conserved at the Egyptian Museum in Turin.

The Aboca project, an exploration of the profound bond between man and nature, is helping to recover the wisdom of ancient craft techniques. For this reason the production of items is entrusted to the expertise of the masters of the art reviving the centuries-old tradition synonymous with Italy throughout the world.

Other information

Kha and Merit lived between 1450 and 1380 BC, during the reigns of Amenofis II, Tuthmosis IV and Amenofis III. They both died aged approaching 60, "after 20 years of youth, 20 of study and 20 of profession", according to the Insinger papyrus. Merit, 'loved by God', the name that in Hebrew became Maria, died first. As a final gesture of his love, Kha gave her the sarcophagus that he had had prepared for himself. They put many daily objects in the tomb: beds, benches, stores, canvases, tunics, cloth, perfume bottles. Kha also wanted his measuring tools.

The tomb was discovered in 1906 to the north of Deir el-Medina during the excavation overseen by Ernest Schiapparelli.

Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 50 cm - Proporzioni 1:2

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