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Here we have a stylish mouse pad that will cheer up the days of work or study! For those who take care of every detail ...

On the surface, a "peacock eye feather" motif is printed, typical of ancient pharmacy ceramics. In particular, the decoration used for the mouse pad comes from a Renaissance albarello, a medicinal majolica jar, which can be found in the collections of the Aboca Museum of Sansepolcro.

Below is the text of the museum card: The "peacock eye feather" motif has oriental origins and refers to a tradition in which the peacock, which renews its plumage every year, is associated with longevity and eternity: Some South Indian beliefs attribute the animal with the ability to transform the venom of snakes into solar iridescence. Agostino and Isidoro of Seville report that peacock meat is able to remain preserved for months without spoiling. That is why motifs inspired by the bird's feathers appeared on containers assigned for conservation like the albarellos: contained in a vase with decorations similar to the plumage of the peacock, each substance would have preserved its characteristics for some time.

Dimensions: 23 x 19 cm

Materiale: Base in gomma naturale. Superficie di scorrimento in tessuto stampato digitalmente.

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