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Flora Sinensis

Hot stamped canvas boxed edition containing facsimile and commentary.

I Discorsi di P. A. Mattioli

A pinnacle of science and art: I Discorsi di P.A. Mattioli with the watercolours by Gherardo Cibo.

De historia stirpium

This scientific and artistic masterpiece was a fundamental source for XVIth century medicinal botany..

De materia medica

The first pharmacopoeia of the ancient world in the form of a celebrated botanical codex. Translated for the first time and fully commented.

De prospectiva pingendi

The rigourous path to beauty: De Prospectiva Pingendi. An extremely rare codex with notes and drawings by Piero della Francesca.

De prospectiva pingendi

An extremely rare codex with notes and drawings by Piero della Francesca.

De divina proportione

The harmony of the universe in a number: De divina proportione (golden ratio). Exclusive reproduction of the manuscript given by Luca Pacioli to Ludovico il Moro.

De divina proportione

"A book with a divine title, Pacioli's divine proportion, divine historic illustrations by Leonardo." Piergiorgio Odifreddi.

De ludo scachorum

De ludo scachorum by Luca Pacioli. The game of games in an extraordinary manuscript long considered to have been lost.

De ludo scachorum

“Jocondo et allegro tractato”. A fascinating description of logic and mathematics, a volume for all lovers of chess and the historic evolution of the game.

De viribus quantitatis

An engaging sequence of logical pastimes, games with numbers and cards, riddles and secrets.

Kitâb al-Diryâq - Paris Theriac

Medicinal extracts and gold lettering. Kitâb al-Diryâq: the Arabic version of a centuries-old panacea.