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Good weeds

Available from January 27th


Throughout history, women have closely guarded the secrets of medicinal plants and have made a significant contribution to the development of medicine, fostered by an aptitude for observation and a...

Curare e prendersi cura

We have idealised medicine and its capacity to improve our lives. It’s now time for this discipline to have a radical rethink and embrace a new vision of human health.

Bjula delle betulle

A story that spans a century, following the trail of the birch trees, intertwining many lives. In the end, everyone returns home together.

La più bella pittura del mondo

"In this book, Attilio Brilli offers a new way of approaching Piero della Francesca's work through the words of narrators, essayists, poets, artists, scientists and philosophers from different nationalities and...

Conosci il tuo corpo scegli il tuo cibo

This is a new edition of a very successful Aboca Edizioni publication, featuring new graphics. It is a book packed with helpful and effective advice and insights. With the menu...

Le regine dell’abisso

“Our lives are intimately connected with the fate of cetaceans. Whales help us to understand environments that we cannot see”.

Il bosco di là

Lorenzo Marone, one of Italy's best-loved writers, tells us the story of Matteuccia, who as a young woman was a partisan courier (staffetta), and now enjoys the peace that only...

Le selve di Dante

This short treatise by one of Dante's most eminent scholars sheds new light on the magnificence of the Divine Comedy, a work that like no other contains insights that are...

Le nozze delle piante

"Flowering must be regarded as the outcome of sexual coupling, and the ancients rightly claimed that the flower expressed the joy and passion of plants." Carl Linnaeus


First published in 1979, L’albero (The Tree) is a short narrative essay, hitherto unpublished in Italy, by the great English writer John Fowles, known to audiences around the world as...