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Botanical print Marigold Herbier Général de l'Amateur

Natural gems: Marigold from the Herbier Général de l'Amateur.

Box with 4 Plates by Basilius Besler

Natural gems: Basilius Besler collection.

Botanical print Chilli Pepper I Discorsi P.A. Mattioli

Natural gems: Chilli Pepper from I Discorsi P.A. Mattioli.

Botanical print Peony Hortus Eystettensis

Natural gems: Peony by Basilius Besler.

Botanical print Four O' Clock Hortus Eystettensis

Natural gems: Four o' clock by Basilius Besler.

Botanical print Franklinia Herbier Général de l'Amateur

Natural gems: Franklinia from the Herbier Général de l'Amateur.

Mattioli 12 Collector's Prints

12 collector's prints from the volume I P.A. Mattioli (Venice 1568), painted by Gherardo Cibo: sixteenth-century master of art and science.

Albarello Castelli

The alchemist's vase. An enigmatic vessel of the ancient pharmacist decorated with garlands and mysterious ornaments.

Albarello with war trophies and fantastic masks

Renaissance fantasies. Dragons and sphinxes in a kaleidoscopic albarello vase from Urbino.

Ring Of Fire Mortar

Matter is transformed. Breton lillies and ermine in a mortar with a fascinating history.

XVII Century Mortar

The accuracy of bronze. Dolphins and cherubs form the 17th century decoration.

Small XVIII Century Mortar

Precious form and velveteen reflections. The style of an 18th-century mortar.