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2. - Newsletter

3. - How do I make a purchase?

4. - How are items delivered?

5. - Payment and security?

- 5a. - Credit card;

- 5b. - Bank transfer;

- 5c. - On delivery;

- 5d. - PayPal.

6. - Can I change my mind? How?

1. What does registration involve? Must I register to purchase?

Purchasing online with Aboca eShop is easy and simple and you do not need to register.

Registering is extremely fast and completely free. To register, click here and learn the many benefits for users of the Aboca eShop. - Note that fields marked with an asterisk must be completed.

After having entered all the necessary information, a confirmation message will inform you of your registration.

From then on you will be a registered user and you will be able to enter the My orders section by clicking on Login and entering your e-mail address and password. You will be able to manage your personal details, change them at any time, and quickly access the list of orders you have made on www.abocaeshop.com, view them and check their status in detail, whenever you wish.

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2. How can I receive the Aboca eShop Newsletter?

Register for our Newsletter if you wish to receive regular updates on the latest unmissable Aboca eShop offers. Register on this page. You will then receive a message confirming your registration. From that point, while not being a registered Aboca eShop user, you will be a subscriber to the Newsletter, which you will receive periodically.

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3. How do I make a purchase?

Click on your preferred product to open the product details and you will see all relevant information on the item.

Add products to your bag. To purchase a product, and add it to your bag, click the link with the wording Add to your shopping bag.

Check your shopping bag. You can check your shopping bag at any time by clicking the link with the text Complete purchase displayed at the top of the screen. A brief description of products selected, the quantity, the price of the products, the shipping costs and the total amount will be displayed within the shopping bag.

Remove products from your shopping bag. To remove an item from the bag, simply adjust the quantity to 0 on the line of the product you wish to remove, by clicking on the minus sign (-) in the Quantity field until you get to 0. You can remove all products by clicking on Empty shopping bag.

Amend your shopping bag. When in the shopping bag page you can change the quantities of each item by simply clicking on the minus sign (-) in the Quantity column, to reduce the number of that item ordered, or by clicking on the plus sign (+) to increase the number of that item you wish to order.

Complete purchase. Having selected the items, check the quantity and cost and complete the purchase by clicking the link with the text Proceed to payment. It will then be necessary to enter your personal data in the following forms, by carefully completing all required items.

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4. How are items delivered?

The items purchased will be sent directly to the address that the Purchaser indicates on the order. The invoice will only be attached to the shipment if expressly requested at the time of the order. 

Delivery will be made by courier SDA.

Delivery will be made by a courier directly to the address of the Purchaser, who must ensure that someone will be there to receive the package. If the Purchaser is out at the time of delivery, a failed delivery notice will be left. In this case the purchaser must collect the goods personally, in the shortest time possible (as indicated in the failed delivery notice). Deliveries will be made only on business days, without notice; it is however possible to indicate a range of time you will be available at the address. The item will be charged to the recipient, even if it remains undelivered. For Italy the shipping cost is EUR 6 (inc. VAT) regardless of the destination, volume or weight of the package. For deliveries outside of Italy, the price will be calculated by the system at the time of the order based on the destination, weight and volume of the goods, starting from a minimum base amount.

The specific conditions of delivery are available on the website www.sda.it

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5. Payment and security?

The forms of payment are credit card, bank transfer, on delivery and PAYPAL.

(a). - Credit card. - If deciding to use a credit card, the Purchaser must fill out a form with identification details, accompanied by a credit card number and expiry date, required for the order confirmation. Confidentiality of the personal banking details of the purchaser will be protected by Aboca SpA Società Agricola, which will not save credit card information. Transactions are fully secure, with the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer – 128 Bit) technology and Banca Sella or SSB technology, by which data are encrypted entirely and non-readable during all phases of the process.

Encryption is based on a mathematical algorithm which, using the so-called hash function, renders content unintelligible to others if not the intended recipient. Furthermore the algorithm is used for authenticating text by applying a digital signature, which equates to the security and reliability of the document's provenance. This security is also guaranteed by Banca Sella, which also has a leading role in payment authorisations.

(b). - Bank transfer.  - Payment can also be made by bank transfer payable to Aboca SpA. Società Agricola, by specifying the order number indicated in the e-mail received on sending the order and immediately notifying it to Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola. This confirmation of the transfer must contain a copy of the documents proving the stated operation has been carried out. The goods will be shipped when the transfer has credited our account. The transfer should be performed within 2 days from the date of the order, otherwise we cannot guarantee availability of the product.

(c). - On delivery. - By selecting payment on delivery by courier you must pay the courier, or whoever is delivering to the requested address, directly to collect the order. The shipping number will be notified at the point of the shipment.

(d). - PAYPAL. - You can pay directly by choosing this type of payment. The Service is provided by PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A. to agents registered within the European Union (each of which is defined as a "User"), PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A. is regulated as a credit institution in Luxembourg according to article 2 of the finance industry law dated 5 April 1993 and is under the prudential supervision of the Luxembourg regulatory authority, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier, with registered address at L-1150 Luxembourg.

PayPal will seek to resolve a dispute regarding the supply of the Service or the Conditions via its customer support centre. Where it is not possible to resolve the dispute, the User may contact the Financial Ombudsman Service, after having completed the PayPal internal procedure for resolution of disputes.

The description of the Service indicated above simply forms a summary and does not encompass the entirety of definitions, exclusions, terms and conditions of the Service. The complete description of terms and conditions as indicated in the Conditions of use, is accessible via the link at the base of all pages of the PayPal website.

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6. Can I change my mind? How?

If the Purchaser is also consumer (meaning a natural person who purchases goods for purposes other than his/her professional activity, or makes the purchase with indication of a VAT number in the order form) he/she is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract for whatever reason.

To exercise this right the Purchaser must send Aboca S.p.A Società Agricola a communication within 10 business days with effect from the date of delivery of the goods as stated in the general conditions of sale. Purchases made with a VAT reference may not exercise the right of withdrawal. - The right of withdrawal does not apply to audiovisual or sealed software products (including the IT products attached to hardware) once opened;

The item purchased must be whole and returned in the original packaging, complete in all of its parts (including packaging and any accessory documentation and equipment); to limit damage to the original package we recommend, where possible, placing it in a second box. The shipment is under the full responsibility of the Purchaser until confirmed as received in our warehouse. Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola will not be liable in any way for damage or theft of items returned by non-insured shipments.

The product must be returned to Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola within 10 days. Excluding any costs for reinstating the original packaging through damage, Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola will reimburse the Purchaser with the entire amount previously paid for the product within 30 days from the return of the goods, via the charge reimbursement procedure for Credit Cards or by means of Bank Transfer. In the latter case, the Purchaser will be required to provide the banking details for the refund (IBAN number of the invoice payer).

The right of withdrawal expires entirely in the absence of the essential condition of the integrity of the item (packaging and/or its content), as well as in the cases where Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola verifies the following: a. - Use of the item and any consumable materials, including partial; b. - The absence of the external packaging and/or original internal packaging; c - the absence of supplementary elements of the product (accessories, parts, etc); d. - damages to the product through causes other than its transport;

In the absence of the above cases, Aboca S.p.A. Società Agricola will return the item purchased to the sender, and charge the sender with the shipping costs.

For information, suggestions or in case of need, send an email to: museum@aboca.it.

When regarding payments made, always provide the order number that appears at the end of the payment process as a reference.

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