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L'arte di respirare

“It’s one of those rare popular-science books that keeps a reader up late, eyes glued to the pages”Spirituality & Health

Viaggio nell’Italia dell’Antropocene

With maps by Francesco Ferrarese

Un'altra economia per un nuovo mondo

"Christian Felber is one of the very few authors who sets out to research the origins of our economic status quo and its scientific concepts. It is extremely exciting to...

Per un nuovo capitalismo

"This book by John Elkington couldn’t have come at a better time." Forbes

I Discorsi di P. A. Mattioli

A pinnacle of science and art: I Discorsi di P.A. Mattioli with the watercolours by Gherardo Cibo.

Le ricette della buona salute


L'impresa come sistema vivente

The complexity and the intelligence of nature give us a roadmap to managing businesses and each person’s role within them, if we acknowledge that profit does not create value, but...

De historia stirpium

This scientific and artistic masterpiece was a fundamental source for XVIth century medicinal botany..

Con grazia di tocco e di parola


Per virtù d'erbe e d'incanti



One of the leading economists on the Italian and International scene decides to take the field and ask the market to not only be a producer of wealth and ensure...

Il bosco del confine

"In the woods, there are no boundaries, my father used to say. He repeated this often, like a mantra to be memorised, revealing some truth that we would only come...