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Curare e prendersi cura

We have idealised medicine and its capacity to improve our lives. It’s now time for this discipline to have a radical rethink and embrace a new vision of human health.

Le regine dell’abisso

“Our lives are intimately connected with the fate of cetaceans. Whales help us to understand environments that we cannot see”.

Ecologia della felicità

The new book by the author of Manifesto per la felicità.

La storia della vita in 25 fossili

The new book by the author of Fossili fantastici e chi li ha trovati (Fantastic fossils and the people who found them)

Un'altra economia per un nuovo mondo

"Christian Felber is one of the very few authors who sets out to research the origins of our economic status quo and its scientific concepts. It is extremely exciting to...

L'arte di respirare

“It’s one of those rare popular-science books that keeps a reader up late, eyes glued to the pages”Spirituality & Health

Padroni del futuro

In an era marred by climate change, mass unemployment, wage stagnation, and staggering wealth gaps, the ownership model of the industrial age makes less and less sense. We need a...

Per un nuovo capitalismo

"This book by John Elkington couldn’t have come at a better time." Forbes

Scoiattoli & Co.

"In this enchanting book, Reichholf opens our eyes and lets us take an expert look at the world of squirrels, a beautiful place, welcoming to humans and animals alike." Welt

Il peggior nemico

Osterholm has been appointed to the Covid-19 Advisory Board by US President Biden.

Vita e Natura

A new edition of the seminal book in systemic thinking, of which Fritjof Capra is the leading exponent.

Quando guardi il mondo e non lo vedi

“Humans have a warped perception of reality. Ziya Tong pierces through this collective fog, using a scientific lens to show us our place in the world as it really is.” -...