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Conoscere le piante medicinali

New edition

Le foglie

Alla scoperta della meravigliosa diversità delle piante selvatiche. 

Le gemme e i germogli

Le piante non finiscono mai di stupirci, con le loro straordinarie capacità.

Le ricette della buona salute


Ambiente e salute


Conosci il tuo corpo scegli il tuo cibo

A mindful molecular diet goes beyond the daily calculation of calories; it goes beyond food's weight to focus on appropriate proportions, recovering the sense of satiety, on the quality -...

Dalle calorie alle molecole

The great world of nutrition is changing. A plate of pasta and a serving of cheese may have the same number of calories, but their nutritional principles react differently once...

L'intestino. Il sesto senso del nostro corpo

In this new book, Dr. Pier Luigi Rossi explains in a simple and clear way the most up-to-date scientific findings on the vital relationship between the intestine and the brain....

Che fine hanno fatto i nostri microbi?

Welcome to the wilds of the human microbiome, where for hundreds of thousands of years bacterial and human cells have existed in a peaceful symbiosis that is responsible for the...

Le radici

With great expertise and insight, Maurizio and Sandro Di Massimo explain to us the importance of the "wild" plants, which, although hidden from view, harbour within themselves a complex and refined physiology,...

La buona salute


Complex systems in pharmacology: an evolutionary perspective

This book takes its readers on an evolutionary journey to discover the secrets of natural complex systems and how they can be used for human health. At the beginning of...