An extremely rare codex with notes and drawings by Piero della Francesca.

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The work of an absolute artist, a fundamental contribution to the development of painting in the recent centuries, a work that can be attributed a major work on Renaissance perspective.

Aboca Edizioni presents the reproduction for professional use of the De prospectiva pingendi. Taken from the celebrated manuscript Ms. Regg. a 41/2, conserved at Biblioteca Panizzi in Reggio Emilia, the volume presents studies by Piero della Francesca dedicated to the rules of perspective, with a series of notes and amazing drawings by the artist.

According to the notes by Luigi Grasselli: "Among the three works on mathematics produced by Piero della Francesca, the De prospectiva pingendi is without doubt the one most strictly related to his artistic activities, as it is primarily aimed at teaching the fundamental geometric tools for painting, with particular reference to perspective techniques. [...] The figures, around 80 of them, are absolutely instrumental and necessary for understanding the written text and, in parallel with this, they become gradually more complex: they form the De prospectiva pingendi the first fully illustrated mathematical treatise on perspective."

The commentary contains a critical analysis on the innovative theories introduced in the De prospectiva pingendi, observing its application in paintings by Piero and analysing the drawings in the Emilian manuscript from a geometric point of view. 


Introduction by Valentino Mercati, Maurizio Festanti. Contributions by Massimo Mussini, Luigi Grasselli. 

Other information

The manuscript De prospectiva pingendi belonged to Giambattista Venturi (1756-1822), capable diplomat and great bibliophile. On his death, the extraordinary library that he had established over the years was sold and its works separated into other collections. The codex with the notes by Piero were saved from the separation through being conserved among the booklets collected in preparation for a volume on the history of optics. It was passed on to the Biblioteca Municipale (now Panizzi), Reggio Emilia in 1921 together with the papers of the archive acquired from the beneficiaries.

Aboca facsimiles for professional use: fundamental works available to all. Legendary additions and splendid manuscripts, selected from the libraries throughout the world, have been reproduced using avant-garde printing techniques, complete with thorough and concise critiques. 

Dimensions: 23 x 31 cm x 6 cm

Copertina: Cartonato rivestito in tela

Box: Rilegatura brossura

Illustrations: 110 carte

Pages: 225

Languages: Italian and Vernacular

Commentary languages: Italian and English

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