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An encounter between physicist and philosopher Fritjof Capra and plant neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso resulted in this short Discorso sulle erbe

Using Leonardo da Vinci's insights into nature as a starting point, the book offers interesting reflections on the relationship between our lives and those of plants.

Mancuso and Capra illustrate in very clear terms that the universe is a dense network of relationships, and that the planet is a self-regulating, living system.

Plants are the most extraordinary model of network that can be studied, because, unlike animals, the plant world has not concentrated its functions in particular organs, but has distributed its essential vital functions, relying on a diffuse pattern.

The two scientists demonstrate in a very accessible language that a diffuse organisation, as found in plants, is more effective in solving the problems of communities of individuals.

Fritjof Capra, PhD, a physicist and systems theorist, author of The Tao of Physics; For Aboca Edizioni he has written: Crescita qualitativa; Vita e natura. Una visione sistemica; Agricoltura e cambiamento climatico; Ecologia del Diritto.

Stefano Mancuso, professor at the University of Florence, directs the International Laboratory of Plant Neurobiology (LINV). He has published Botanica with Aboca Edizioni.

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New Edition: 2021
Dimensions: cm 12,5 x 21
Pages 76
Language: Italian

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