Throughout history, women have closely guarded the secrets of medicinal plants and have made a significant contribution to the development of medicine, fostered by an aptitude for observation and a deep respect for the natural rhythms and needs of the individual.

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Erika Maderna traces the evolution of women's medical and herbal culture from preclassical antiquity to the Italian Renaissance, revealing the variety of nuances: goddesses, pythias, sorceresses, midwives, herbalists, doctors, vestals, saints, alchemists and witches all represented various facets of the same face. A perhaps surprising representation of female autonomy, but one that was nonetheless painstakingly won.

Erika Maderna, is a graduate in Classical Literature from the University of Pavia, specialising in archaeology. She writes articles, translations and essays on classical culture and archaeology. With Aboca Edizioni she has published: Aromi sacri, fragranze profane. Simboli, mitologie e passioni profumatorie nel mondo antico (2009), Le mani degli dèi. Mitologie e simboli delle piante officinali nel mito greco (2016), Per virtù d’erbe e d’incanti. La medicina delle streghe (2018) and Con grazia di tocco e di parola. La medicina delle sante (2019).

Release date: 2022

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