The new book by the author of Manifesto per la felicità.

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ISBN/EAN: 9788855230018

This book shows that the key to building a sustainable economy is to live a happier life, not a lesser one: a manifesto of the political, social and economic changes that could be made to put an end to the defiance of nature.

Stefano Bartolini teaches Political and Social Economics at the University of Siena, and has been studying the issue of achieving happiness in advanced societies for years. He has published numerous essays in leading international journals. His Manifesto per la felicità, published by Feltrinelli, is a long-term bestseller. In this book, the author starts from the fact that economic progress has in many cases impoverished human relations, but argues that we each have the opportunity to redesign the world. How? By rethinking urban spaces, reducing advertising... in short, by giving new value to human and social relationships, the only relationships that can really make us happy.

Release date: 2021

Dimensions cm 15 x 22,5

Pages 352

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