Reflections from history: a silver Egyptian mirror.

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"Seeing you is the splendour of my eyes", the words of the ancient Egyptian Songs of love. The act of seeing and gazing was fundamental for the Egyptians, given the importance of the physical appearance and the face in particular. True to this tradition, the Aboca Museum mirror is an ideal and unforgettable gift that carries with it the charm of the millennia.

Created by Tuscan master craftsmen, the reflective part of the mirror is made of a sheet of silver. The metal part is a reference to a bronze mirror without handle from the period between the New Kingdom and Late Period. The handle reproduces the colour and form of a blackened, probably Sycamore, wood handle from the New Kingdom era.

The Aboca project, an exploration of the profound bond between man and nature, is helping to recover the wisdom of ancient craft techniques. For this reason the production of items is entrusted to the expertise of the masters of the art reviving the centuries-old tradition synonymous with Italy throughout the world.


This mirror is contained in an elegant blue velvet box.

Other information

This form of mirror, an essential tool for the daily practice of make up, appeared in the Ancient Kingdom. They were made of a highly polished bronze disc and a handle that could have been of various materials and shapes.

It also had a considerable symbolic value. Mimicking the sun, it was regarded as a sign of the creator's divinity, as it could multiply its presence, and its benefit flowed into daily life. It was therefore a symbol of life itself and regeneration.

Attributed to the goddess Hathor, the religious function of mirrors was also celebrated in the so-called 'mirror dance' of the tombs of Saqqara and the devotees of Isis, who would carry mirrors tied to their backs to proliferate the maternal and protecting light of the goddess.

Dimensions: 25 x 13 cm

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