La dermatite irritativa da pannolino (DIP) e la stomatite, una infiammazione della mucosa che ricopre la bocca, sono due problemi molto comuni nella prima infanzia. In questa pratica guida la dottoressa Murgia fornisce preziosi consigli e suggerimenti sull'impiego delle preparazioni a base di piante medicinali sia per prevenirli che per curarli.

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Nappy dermatitis is a very common problem among infants. It is caused by multiple factors, including friction from the nappy, viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other pathogenic agents.

Dr Murgia provides precious tips on how to use preparations made with medicinal plant extracts or complex natural substances. The protective and emollient properties of these preparations help prevent and cure nappy dermatitis.

Stomatitis is an inflammation of the mucous lining of the mouth and can involve the inside of the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, and palate. Several causes can lead to this painful inflammation, such as involuntary mucosal lesions, infections, or allergies. Even in this case, preparations made with medicinal plant extracts or complex natural substances can help protect the lesions and reduce inflammation.

Paediatrician Vitalia Murgia is a professor at the 2nd level Master’s Programme in Herbal Therapy at La Sapienza University in Rome and at the 2nd level International Master’s Programme in Herbal Medicine at the Universities of Trieste and Madrid. She is the author of numerous scientific articles and books.

Release date: 2017

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