Let's turn the tide on plastic now - our oceans will thank us for it.

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A book not only for the dedicated eco-warriors, this book provides everyone with interesting and practical tips for protecting our oceans, and you might also find that you save money in the process. (The Indipendent)

The consequences of plastic pollution on marine life are disastrous. Not a day goes by without a newspaper revealing new scientific evidence about the toxic pollution that plagues our seas. But this is not just about waste or the impact it has on nature. Nowadays, more and more plastic fragments are being found in fish, in increasing quantities. We have yet to understand what effects they will have on our health, but it doesn't seem a very encouraging picture. To reduce the amount of rubbish in our seas, we need to carefully and severely review the way in which we all choose to live.

Through the story of our everyday life - from the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed – this book teaches us how to choose our bathroom products carefully, how to avoid food sold in plastic packaging, how to ask for a drink without a straw, how to buy clothes made from cotton or wool, and how to reflect upon the use we make of plastic objects in all situations, from work to leisure. Here you'll find practical advice on how to recycle, reuse and dispose of unnecessary plastic whenever the opportunity presents itself. But above all, you will realise how a small adjustment in your lifestyle can bring about a big change for the future of the planet. The transition from a throwaway society to a circular economy requires a radical shift in the way we produce and consume. Yet as a Chinese philosopher once said, even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Luca Bonaccorsi is a journalist, activist, economist and environmentalist. He has conducted investigations into environmental crimes and disasters in many different areas of the world: Afghanistan, Laos, the Gulf of Thailand, the Gulf of Mexico, South Africa, Lebanon and Italy. He has also edited national publications and hosted radio and television programs.

Clare Fischer has been a journalist for the BBC and has also worked as a reporter. She is currently public relations manager of the Marine Conservation Society.

Richard Harrington is a marine biologist, passionate about rocky coasts and shallow seabeds. He writes for the magazine "Coast".

The Marine Conservation Society is the UK's most important sea conservation charity. It aims to educate and inspire people to change their habits, opinions and preconceptions in order to preserve the oceans for future generations.

Anno di pubblicazione 2020

Formato cm 14 x 21,5

Pag. 197

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