Humans have a warped perception of reality. Ziya Tong pierces through this collective fog, using a scientific lens to show us our place in the world as it really is.” - Scientific American

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The kind of radical curiosity that fills this book — a commitment to probing the unseen, unknowable, and unthinkable — has become essential to our survival. A kaleidoscopic guide to everything we're missing.” - Naomi Klein

Our naked eyes see only a thin sliver of reality. We are blind in comparison to the x-rays that peer through skin, the mass spectrometers that detect the dead inside the living, or the high-tech surveillance systems that see with artificial intelligence. And we are blind compared to the animals that can see in infrared, or ultraviolet, or with 360-degree vision. These animals live in the same world we do, but they see something quite different when they look around.

In this book, which Naomi Klein describes as "kaleidoscopic" because of the richness and variety of the research involved, Ziya Tong illuminates different aspects of individuality and society from new perspectives. She reveals the limits of our visual abilities and how over time science and technology have allowed us to overcome theme, thanks to increasingly advanced technology. She then illustrates our "collective" blindspots, pointing out how little we know about the origin of our food or energy or the final destination of our waste, giving us more than a few wake up calls with the description of food industry processes... Finally, she focuses on those ways of thinking about the world that seem natural or inevitable, but that on closer inspection turn out to be only inherited concepts, handed down from one generation to the next.

Quando guardi il mondo e non lo vedi, it is a surprising and enjoyable read, one that will arouse the curiosity of every reader. A book that teaches us to reflect on the world around us and see that there is more to it than meets the eye.

Ziya Tong is an award-winning and much-loved TV presenter who made a name for herself on the Discovery Channel where, until 2018, she hosted the "Daily Planet" programme. She collaborated with Wired and was the correspondent for NOVA scienceNOW.

In 2020 she was elected to the international board of the WWF.

Release date: 2020

Dimensions: cm 15 x 22,5 

Pages 456

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