An ancient treasure of the Aboca Museum

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Let yourself be seduced. The mortar, which is one of the most esteemed and well-known specimens in the Aboca Museum, features wonderful images of cocks bearing ears of corn. On one side, there is a large pastillage which represents the virgin seated in the foreground, with hands clasped with her child on her knee, while the upper part bears the inscription "PER MARCO POLLASTRO. ADDI. PRIMO. DAGUSTV. MCCCCX. IVLIV. II. AVE» (For Marco Pollastro at the time of the arrival of Julius II, 1st August 1510).

The work was created by the Maestri fonditori in a limited series of ten numbered and certified examples, and it is a true copy, in form and decoration, of the original conserved at the Aboca Museum.

The Aboca project, an exploration of the profound bond between man and nature, is helping to recover the wisdom of ancient craft techniques. For this reason the production of items is entrusted to the expertise of the masters of the art reviving the centuries-old tradition synonymous with Italy throughout the world.


The original mortar provided a silicon rubber and plaster cast from which a wax mould was made. Then the casting channels are attached by inserting spacer nails. The structure is then covered with a special earth for casting.

After drying, which takes a few days, it is fired in a kiln, when the melted wax runs out. The next phase involves casting the metal which, once cooled and broken out of the mould, starts to be worked. Having removed the casting channels, you then move on to engraving and ageing, using specific products for metals. Lastly the copy and punch number of the foundry are marked on the base of the specimen.

Produced in Italy by the artisan foundry Il Cesello di Firenze in 10 numbered and certified specimens.

Each specimen is accompanied by a guarantee certificate.

Dimensions: height: 28,5 cm; upper diameter: 36,7 cm; lower diameter: 25,5 cm

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