An accessible book with many practical solutions, indispensable during the various stages of a child's development, that both parents and grandparents will not want to do without.

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In recent decades, the emotional behaviour of parents towards their children's illnesses has changed profoundly. This has been influenced by the often excessive anxiety and desire (or need?) for an ever faster recovery, with little regard for physiological limitations. Children very often fall ill at a frequency that can cause concern and it can also be the case that the child has just recovered from a respiratory illness and is already beginning to show symptoms of a new infection. At this stage, parents tend to ask themselves "Why does my child spend the whole winter coughing? How should I deal with sudden ear infection?"

As a good parent, the best aim is to become confident, calm and capable of managing the child's daily routine. That means not only nurturing and educating your child, but also being able to deal with common health problems such as coughs, diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, sore throats, colds and the like independently.

La salute naturale del bambino aims to guide parents through these kinds of problem (described in plain language and with scientific precision), problems which are generally benign and hardly ever require the use of synthetic drugs. There are in fact excellent natural remedies to soothe and reduce, for example, the symptoms of a cough (with medicinal plants such as grindelia, helichrysum and ribwort plantain), relieve itching (jojoba oil, borage oil, St. John's Wort and evening primrose oil are very effective), and prevent the symptoms of infections.

Vitalia Murgia, a paediatrician, is professor of the 2nd level Master's degree in Phytotherapy at La Sapienza University in Rome and the 2nd level International Master's degree in Phytotherapy at the Universities of Trieste and Madrid. She is the author of numerous articles and scientific texts.

Release date: 2020

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Pages 312

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