"A valuable contribution to the important discussion of the worldview and value system we need to redesign our businesses, economies, and technologies — in fact, our entire culture — so as to make them regenerative rather than destructive." Fritjof Capra


L’arte di rigenerare il mondo is an impressive and wide-ranging analysis of what’s wrong with our societies, organizations, ideologies, worldviews and cultures – and how to put them right. The book covers the finance system, agriculture, design, ecology, economy, sustainability, organizations and society at large.

In this remarkable book, Daniel Wahl explores ways in which we can reframe and understand the crises that we currently face and explores how we can live our way into the future. Moving from patterns of thinking and believing to our practice of education, design and community living, he systematically shows how we can stop chasing the mirage of certainty and control in a complex and unpredictable world.

The book asks how can we collaborate in the creation of diverse regenerative cultures adapted to the unique biocultural conditions of place and how can we create conditions conducive to life.

In the words of Daniel Wahl: "We need to ask the deeper question of why we are worth sustaining. Our answers will inform how we ask the more operational questions and implement tentative answers and solutions. Such deeper questioning will shape how we might initiate wise actions that help us to transition towards regenerative cultures. Starting with the why will help us to understand our own deeper motivation, purpose and goals. We need to question the beliefs that shape our worldview. Only by starting with the why will we inspire people to change their behaviour and to co-create regenerative cultures... We need to reflect on how we will have to change individually and collectively to create this future.”

Release date 2022

Dimensions cm 14 x 21,5

Pages 472

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