A fully illustrated dictionary of the language of flowers.

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"Say it with flowers", as the old saying goes. And indeed, people have always attached a special significance to flowers: the ability to ''speak'' without sound or words, but with the same depth of emotion.

From time immemorial we have sought to connect the intricate networks of feelings, affections and emotions with the infinite variety of shapes and colours of the floral world, as if to reveal a new, exciting and evocative language.

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, knowledge of the language of flowers became particularly popular in Europe, and has remained so to this day, inspiring equal fascination in all who are familiar with the subject. Thanks to a 'floral grammar', every nuance of the human soul - love, joy, desire, but also abandonment and bitterness - can be interpreted with a flower, nature's messenger that secretly and magically conveys the inner workings of the heart. In the illustrative plates brought together in this volume, Virgola (born Virginia di Giorgio) is an artist whose delicate brushstrokes and startling artistic impulses interpret this elegant, ancient and timeless tradition with true mastery.

Virgola, also known as Virgina di Giorgio, is an extraordinary illustrator who has always intertwined her creative spirit with the world of flowers. Her Instagram page has around 200,000 loyal followers.

She graduated in the History of Medieval Art in Florence. In 2013 she created Virgola. In 2012 and 2015 she won the Igers Award as artist of the year and personality of the year on Instagram. Since 2018 she has been releasing a very successful stationery range. In 2021 she illustrated live during the Inside Dalì exhibition in the church of Santo Stefano al Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

Release date 2022

Dimensions cm 24,5 x 12,5

Pages 96

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