A little story about love for nature. The rediscovery of a zest for life thanks to the charm of an animal familiar to all but about which there is much to discover.

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ISBN/EAN: 9788898881697

No larger than a pebble, a snail contains a world as simple as it is mysterious.

Alan Wayne Berti - born in South Africa, a former war zone para commando - never thought he would be interested in something so small and seemingly insignificant. Yet one day his daughter showed him a snail cupped in her hands. "Dad, shall we play at making a snail farm?" It was a light bulb moment for Alan: what if it wasn’t just a dream or a fancy? As he gradually gets to know them, the snails actually teach him something.

In short, these little animals become his key to rediscover a new, happier and more ‘authentic’ way of looking at life.



Alan Wayne Berti

 (1971) was born in Johannesburg; as a child he moved to Italy with his family. At twenty years old he enlisted in the army, becoming a marshal, with assignments both in Italy and abroad. After he took leave, he started working for a private company; a few years ago he set up a snail farm which is still expanding in Viterbese, Italy, where he currently lives

Paolo Valentino

 (1982), a writer and ghostwriter, has published 

Il metodo Catfulness. La felicità insegnata da un gatto (Mondadori, 2016, English title Catfulness: A cat's guide to achieving mindfulness, Quercus, 2017) translated all over the world, and the novel Ritratto di famiglia con errore (SEM, 2017).

Release date 2018

Dimensions cm 13 x 18

Pages 112

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