In an era marred by climate change, mass unemployment, wage stagnation, and staggering wealth gaps, the ownership model of the industrial age makes less and less sense. We need a permanent change in the basic architecture of economic power.

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ISBN/EAN: 9788855230995

In recent years, people are finally experimenting with new forms of ownership that Marjorie Kelly calls "regenerative", businesses aimed at creating the conditions for many generations to come.

This book is a kind of travel diary, in which the author guides us through these exemplary enterprises.


Marjorie Kelly is the vice-president of Democracy Collaborative, an American non-profit think tank and research centre founded at the University of Maryland in 2000 and dedicated to developing new strategies for a more democratic economy. She has collaborated with the Tellus Institute and was the co-founder and, for 20 years, president of Business Ethics magazine.

Release date: 2021

Dimensions: cm 15 x 22,5

Pages 336

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