We have entered the warm century

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The rise in temperatures at an historically unprecedented rate is changing the way we think, our daily lives, migration and the concept of safety. It is a tumultuous shift that is causing growing instability. It can either lead to dramatic consequences, with increasing global conflict, or it can create a major project for regeneration, bringing everyone on board with the change. But the green revolution will not be a walk in the park. There will be many jobs lost and others created: without a clear and fair social pact, those who feel marginalised and afraid of change will seek to hold it back, dragging everyone towards climate disaster. We need an ecological transition that is also based on solidarity.


"It is not too late to fix the climate crisis, because the industrial revolution has brought about both the problem and the means to solve it: we have the scientific knowledge to measure risk; the technological capabilities to support the green conversion; public opinion demanding environmental and social safety; a greater empathy with nature that is beginning to emerge".


Journalist and writer Antonio Cianciullo has been covering environmental issues for the Italian newspaper 'La Repubblica' for over thirty years. His books include: Atti contro natura (Feltrinelli, 1992), Il grande caldo (Ponte alle Grazie, 2004), Soft economy (Rizzoli, 2005, with Ermete Realacci), Dark economy (Einaudi, 2012, with Enrico Fontana) and Ecologia del desiderio (Aboca, 2018).

Release date 2019

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